Carol-Anne’s beach photoshoot after her ReFresh makeover

Carol-Anne used to be shy, but her recent makeover has given her the confidence to get out there and flaunt it, as we see in this stunning photoshoot.

ReFresh RePurpose took Carol-Anne to the beach to show off her amazing new look, and she just loved it.

Here’s a reminder of Carol-Anne before the makeover.

You can see the step by step process here…

The Photoshoot

Carol-Anne was quite hesitant at first, but an energising work-out helped her shake off her worries about the photoshoot.

With every click of the camera, Carol-Anne visibly relaxed – and the pictures show it.

“With my work, I spend most of my days stuck inside, so it’s just wonderful to get out to the beach and feel free.”

As her confidence grew, she even felt okay to work on her tan lines!

Owning the boardwalk like it was the catwalk.

  1. Elegant proportions – Original
  2. Geometric Top – ReFresh RePurpose
  3. Toned legs and incredible chutzpah – model’s own.


A great shot of Carol-Anne feeling very pleased with herself after her exhilarating time in front of the lens.

See here, how the Makeover was achieved.