About ReFresh RePurpose


Hi and welcome to ReFresh RePurpose, my blog about all things upcycled and crafty. I’m Toby and I live in Dorset, England, with my family and cats.

I love living by the Dorset coast.


I have always been a practical person, with an eye for detail and enjoy making things. I also have a broad sense of humour, ranging from whimsy through slapstick to sarcasm and all points in between.  This has influenced the way I work.  I like to find existing items to update, using pieces which might otherwise find their way to the dump, and then I refresh or recycle them and give them a new lease of life.  I also enjoy creating new objects of desire using materials that are overlooked, outdated or just plain scrap to someone else.

I want other people to share in the experience of rescuing a piece of history such as a chest of drawers, a picture frame or an old lamp and giving it a bit of love and attention, such that it again becomes of use and appreciated.  I hope that you enjoy the pieces I show here, the methods and materials that I use and any tips I may have found along the way.

I am inspired by anything and everything around me; on TV, on the internet, through other blogs, websites and videos, books, magazines, on the pavement, in charity shops, in the sky, in a skip, in a slice of hot buttered toast, in the handle of a spade whilst building a sandcastle. Pretty much anywhere it may be, I’m ready for inspiration to strike like benevolent lightning.

I also enjoy photography (see the picture above of Boscombe Pier) and writing, though I have for too long, ignored both. Pushing myself to start a blog is a deliberate challenge to incorporate these two creative releases back into my life. ReFresh and RePurpose.

Please follow, like, pin and tweet my work, with appropriate credit where it’s due.

Thanks for dropping by. Be well and see you soon.